Newton's Method

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  • Gravity Training

    Even If you fall on your face..
    At least you’re moving forward.

  • Beach Body

    You will never change your life..
    Unless you change what you do daily.

  • Strength Training

    You can’t put limits on your goals..
    The more you dream, the farther you will climb.

Newton’s Method is your Premiere South Miami Fitness Solution

Getting in shape is the best thing you can do to live a healthy life. Newton’s Method’s classes consist of Kettlebells, Gravity, and Cardio Lab. Within these classes dwell an abundance of variations, progressions and tools to provide the most unique and effective training sessions to be experienced. Don’t allow your lacking physical condition define the way in which you live. Instead, build your physical presence to define the way you are going to live. So, if you are in South Miami and want fitness to be a prominent part of your life, stop in, we will lead you in the right direction.


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